Jack Rooks

Toydarian diplomat, Agitator/ quartermaster AKA: DJ Vibro Axwell


Jack rooks the toydarian diplomat, agitatior/ quartermaster

Born on toydaria he grew up in a small fishing town deep in the swamps. Out there there wasn’t much to do otter than work and listen to radio holocasts. Being on the outer room rim in hutt territory Jack listened to broadcasts of every type including ones not approved by COMPNOR and the empire. Some how he got it on his mind to become one of these independent DJs make a name for himself, an agitator of the masses, getting people in the groove on the dance floor and get out of his Podunk little town. He Aspires to DJ massive music festivals charming or even coercing people into dancing the night away. To accomplish this dream he utilizes his formidable presence, his negotiation streewise and deception skills, along his knowledge of the outer rim and under world.

His duty is half resource acquisition, half recruitment.

He has become an accidental rebel getting into trouble for playing music that compnor deemed rebel propaganda. As he grew in popularity in on his home planet he gained more an more recognition; however that with that brought he watchful eyes of COMPNOR. the Rebel alliance got wind of a COMPNOR plot to remove his radicals beats and satirically remixed imperial tunes from the holonet. The Rebels and rescued him before they could silence jack. In return jack joined the rebel alliance and created an DJ alter ego, concealing his true identity, in hopes of inspiring others to support their cause or even join the rebels.

His motivation is riches in the form of fame.

his DJ alter ego is the VibroAxewell of Rebel house mafia he hopes to become the Voice of the rebellion. he wants VibroAxewell and his music to be as well recognized as the max rebo band.

Jack Rooks

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