Scattered Horizons


The mission to free Terrance from the Imperial detention facility on X3-11-8HT did not go according to plan.

When Niska and new crewmember Silva, found him, Terrance was in a quarantine lab, ravaged by disease and near death. With his last breath, he charged his allies with recovering his personal gear from The Duchess & returning it to his sister, Sha’Ndra. This would be a difficult task, as The Duchess remained in Imperial custody and Sha’Ndra has been missing for years.

During the jailbreak, Cage, Jared, and Crow were trapped in the Control Center and attacked by an Imperial Inquisitor name Mol Viperous. Mol seemed to be toying with Cage at first, but after Cage scored a particularly nasty hit, Mol fought in earnest, while Jared and Crow eventually managed to open the door with a little assistance from Jack. After escaping on a Lambda-class shuttle, they observed a lone figure, standing on the newly-vacated landing pad, swinging a red lightsaber back and forth in anticipation … back and forth … back … and forth …


Corby Corby

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