Scattered Horizons

Beyond the Rim: 1.2

Chapter 1, Part 2

The Heartbreaker flew through hyperspace on the route Jared had navigated. Some five hours form their destination, the planet Cholganna, the YT-1560 hit a gravity well and was pulled from hyperspace. Some quick piloting saved the ship from being pulled into the maw of a black hole that had opened up in an uncharted system, but it could not save the hyperdrive or a few other components in the ship’s cockpit. They landed on the only planet in the system; a dead world slowly losing its atmosphere to the space anomaly. Interestingly, there seemed to be a decent amount of various wrecks strewn about the surface.
The PCs spent some time looting the ships for the parts they needed, and were rewarded with almost enough material to make their repairs. But on the way back to their ship, they were attacked by a Bastra, a 10 meter long, six-legged, many-toothed sand monster with a poisonous barb on the back end. Niska and Crow defended the group, but the Trandoshan was poisoned and in danger of being dragged off, until Jack unleashed a scathing tirade and stressed it into unconsciousness. Cage coup de grased the beast, but not before it woke up and tried to take off his arm.
This was observed by a shadowy figure off in the distance. After the battle, he came forward and introduced himself as Plo Koon, ex-Jedi master and current castaway. He told the PCs that he’d narrowly escaped the explosion of his ship during Order 66 and had made his way around the galaxy in hiding for a little while before going to look for the Sa Naalor himself. He got as far as this uncharted world before he was shook up and crashed on this planet, just like the PCs. But he was unable to salvage his craft, so he’d been living off the meager land here for a number of years. He’s wished to leave the planet and would help the PCs get anything else they needed to escape. He knew where a functioning hyperdrive was, but he’d not been able to assemble enough parts to put a whole ship together to use it.
While Niska stayed with the ship and recuperated, and Crow played lookout, Plo steered the rest of the crew to the parts they needed. In the last wreck, they had to fight off a bunch of meter-long rats that were chewing on the wires. Jack unleashed another scathing tirade through his new speaker system and most of the rats just … exploded. They finished up and began the trip back to the ship.
While the rest of the crew were away, Niska and Crow saw a ship on the sensors. It set down not too far away. In minutes, an IG-88 – styled assassin droid emerged from the ship and demanded they hand themselves over so it could collect their bounty. Crow thought quickly and shot it with the ships cannons. he also blew up the backup droid. Then he made his way to the ship, searched it for hidden compartments, and finally downloaded all the data he could. It wasn’t much, but it turned out to be useful later in discovering that Terrance Va’al had been captured by the Empire and who knew what was happening to him. Then he disabled the ship.
By the time he got back to his ship, the crew had returned. They quickly installed the part and took off. They discussed the bounty hunter droid and realized they must have a tracker on the ship. They searched for it and found it, removed it, and were finally back on course, out of the system and on the way to Cholganna.


Corby Corby

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