Scattered Horizons

Beyond the Rim: 1.1

Chapter 1, Part 1

The former crew of The Duchess – now crewing the YT-1560 dubbed “Heartbreaker” – have landed on The Wheel for a little R&R out of the way of The Empire, who has a small bounty out on them for the alleged murder of a Trandoshan Infobroker named Domner Taz. Crew medic Terrance Va’al decided to leave the group and sign on for medical training on the space station. Jack Rooks decided to try his hand at some sabacc – a decision that ended with him a bit poorer than before, but wiser for the experience. Meat Cage wandered off on his own and spent a little time uneventfully browsing the various shops and galactic food. Jared worked on the ship. Niska takes in one of The Wheel’s watered-down gladiatorial expo matches/criminal punishments in the hub, where he watches a Quarren thief fight an old Nexu that had lived on the station for many years. The Quarren lost a hand and the match. Niska also picked up some interesting information about a target shooting contest called The Big Game. He convinced Crow to participate, and he wound up winning the whole thing – 5000 credits and a new rifle. This brought them to the attention of a Rodian named Reom who hired them, with the blessing of one of Jared’s creditors, to travel to Wild Space and find an old Separatist capital ship named the Sa Naalor.
They negotiated a price, got the closest coordinates from an old capsule that was just discovered floating around the Wheel, and took the job. First order of business, wait for a protocol droid named IT-3PO to arrive on the station. They waited for a few hours relaxing on their ship until the appointed time. The droid didn’t show up.
They decided to take a quick look in at Roem’s office, but when they got there, the door had been wedged open and Reom and the capsule were gone. Thinking quickly, they ran down to the docking platform IT was supposed to come in on. They saw a shady group of Rodian salvagers making off with the droid and Reom’s sister, who had accompanied it. The crew gave chase, finally catching up with the Rodians and liberating the droid and the girl, who thanked them and ran off, from their clutches.
They quickly made their way back to the ship, loaded the droid, and took off. Just before they jumped into hyperspace, two Z95 Headhunters belonging to The Wheel’s security force, tried to get them to turn back for questioning, but it was too late – the crew of Heartbreaker was on their way to the Outer Rim … and Beyond.

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